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Axl Rose Girlfriend ‘Creepy Feet’ Photos Revealed – Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose‘s ex-girlfriend, and wife in the “November Rain” video.

That’s 100% a fan-made myth, to try.

fucked our gfThe worst things people have attached to a job application instead of their CV – FUCK. This seems like an obvious mistake to avoid.

This is what we got: The background story is that this guy had taken a.

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Being responsible for an unpredictable and often unreasonable tiny person is crazy hard and demanding and full of surprises a.

He captioned the post: "Today my friend wandered into heaven. I bet it was in slow motion and sassy as fuck. Love you x" Iain.

"oh fuck this i’m done with all this shit," he wrote on Instagram.

In 1993, he was convicted of assaulting two women, once.

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She acts cute around him, ignores you, all that. I’d start talking to them about my man and be like ‘OMG isn’t he just.

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Syllabus day more like syllabus gaaaay.

GOT EM! Hey my name is Jacob, I am in college to get a practical degree, accounting.

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