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MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Indian stand-up comic Vasu Primlani does not shy away from her sexuality in her gigs – even though until very recently, being gay put her at odds with the law.

Bengal was rocked by a scandal involving a 16-year-old married girl named Elokeshi and the head priest of a Hindu temple in.

Ms Mary Aluka would be a first year student at the university pursuing her dream course in hospitality and hotel management. But on Heroes Day last week, she was vending vegetables in the corridors of.

For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Pride Month, Dennis Zotigh, a cultural specialist at the National Museum.

"I offer a 100% solution to rape," said Primlani, who holds an Indian government award for her work on women’s empowerment. "We keep telling girls to do this or do that, but just raise your boys.

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"Indian Sex Life" and the Cultural Control of Women – The intellectual questions Durba Mitra asks are formed as much from her archival research as from her conversations with.

Inspired by his mother’s wisdom–empowering a woman can change the fortune.

current national champion in the women’s 100.

When he was attacked by a mob for being gay, Martin Okello said the kicks and blows from his assailants came so fast that he.

Household and the patriarchal stranglehold in times of COVID-19 – We’re forever sparring over his selfish behaviour and unwillingness to help with household chores,” complains the Hindu.

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